How to play Live and Online Slots Tournaments

entering-slots-tournamentsWant to switch up your regular slots play and find something new? Then tournaments are definitely the answer since they give you a chance to compete against other players for big prize pools – with little cost to you. Assuming you’re new to slots tournaments, let’s quickly discuss how you can enter both live and online slots tourneys.

Entering Live Slots Tournaments

If you hang out at the casino a lot, you may see the run times for different casino tournaments advertised. But if you don’t, then you should email or call the casino and ask about their scheduled slots tourneys. In many cases you’ll need to sign up for the rewards program as well to enter these events.

Once you’re given the date/time of when a slots tournament happens, then you simply need to show up and enter. From here you’ll be given instructions on what machine to sit at, prize pool information and the tourney’s duration.

online-slots-tournamentsEntering Online Slots Tournaments

More and more online casinos today are offering online slots tourneys, and this is great for players who love variety. Assuming your favorite online casino has tournaments, then their tournament section should be clearly marked on the front page. Here you’ll find all of the run times and dates of each slots event.

Some of these tournaments will be buy-in only, meaning you have to make a deposit and pay the entry fee. Others will be freerolls, where you don’t have to pay a buy-in; you just have to be a member before playing for real money. A third type of online slots tournament is one that’s only restricted to certain VIP members.

In any case, you can see that there are plenty of different ways to enjoy internet slots tournaments.