How Slots are Made – Green Screens and Voice-overs

Green screens and voice-overs are often saved for making movies. But this is exactly how slots are made at Everi.

The Las Vegas-based slots maker creates modern slot machines that go far beyond the cherries and BAR symbols of yesteryear.

That said, let’s cover the process Everi uses to make its games while also discussing how their prime location.

Making Slots involves Composing Music and Working on a Green Screen

Located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, the Everi office has all the amenities needed to make hit slots games. This includes a sound studio, tools to build slot machines, and a green-screen room.

Bradley Rose, senior vice-president of game development, spoke about this with the Chicago Tribune.

“We’re drawing, animating, we’re filming stuff on a green screen,” said Rose.

“We’re composing music in-house and doing voice-overs. And we put it all together and package it up into a slot machine.”

The company recently launched a couple of cartoon-based slot machines in Richie Rich and Underdog. They’ve also developed a game based on the 1942 film Casablanca.

Perfect Location for a Slots Company

Everi’s location is key because they’re surrounded by a number of gambling establishments.

“This location has 26 casinos around it within four hours,” Rose explained. “It’s very close to a lot of what we need to see.”

Everi is even able to test some of its new products at local venues. These include Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee and Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Mich.

They can then visit the casinos and see how their machines are being received.

Another thing that Everi’s West Loop location is good for includes attracting local software developers. Their 50 employees can keep themselves entertained during downtime with a lounge filled with games.

With a solid work environment and casino-central location, Everi seems on the right path towards success.