How Much Needs to be Bet to Win a Slots Jackpot?

how-much-slots-jackpotYou can’t help but dream about winning a jackpot when you’re playing online slots. After all, you can theoretically win a jackpot on any given spin. But at some point, you may wonder exactly how often a game’s jackpot pays out. This isn’t always easy to figure out, but some games tell you what percentage of payback a jackpot comprises.

The best place to find out what percentage the jackpot makes up of a game’s payback is the help screen. Not all games offer this, but some do which makes it worth looking at. Realtime Gaming’s online slots are examples of games that list a jackpot’s payback contribution on the help screen.

Let’s say that you know the following about a certain Realtime slot based on research and/or the help screen:

– The jackpot contribution is listed as 1.5% of overall payback.
– You can reasonably guess that most Realtime Gaming progressive jackpots pay out around the $10,000 mark.
– The game’s payback is 95%.

slots-jackpot-winnerKnowing all of this, you can set up the following formula: [(95 / 1.5) x 10,000]

If you do the math, you can see that out of every $633,333 that you’re paid from the slots game, $10,000 of this will be from the jackpot.

Of course, there’s also the casino’s 5% take that needs to be accounted for. So our new formula would be: [(100 / 1.5) x 10,000]

Accounting for the 5% that you’ll theoretically lose, you’d need to bet $666,667 to win a jackpot. Obviously the luck of slots will change this figure, which is what keeps slots exciting and unpredictable. But you can see that even for a “small” $10k jackpot, you need to bet a lot before you theoretically win the top prize.