Here’s how Lottery and Slots Players differ

slots-vs-lottery-playersSlots and the lottery have some obvious differences, namely in how they’re played and where you typically find both games. But what about the players of each game? How do they differ? Let’s answer these questions by looking at some research on the subject that shows what truly drives slots and lottery players to enjoy these games.

Slots Players look for Stimulation and Tension Release

It’s commonly thought that both slots and lottery players enjoy these games because they can win large jackpots. And a study published in the Psychological Reports Journal did nothing to change this belief by finding that lottery and slots players are equally motivated by rewards.

However, where they differed quite a bit is in the fact that slots players also derive great pleasure from three things: stimulation, tension release and feelings of importance. The stimulation and tension release certainly makes sense when considering that slots games have become more complicated in recent years. The idea is to keep players entertained and spinning the reels.

Slots Players’ Motivations shows Importance of Bankroll Management

weekend-in-vegas-slotIt’s nice that people can go to land-based casinos or visit online/mobile casinos and blow off steam through slots. However, the aforementioned research also highlights why people play slots games in the first place – they want to have fun and pass the time.

While this is definitely great, you also have to be aware of your bankroll in the process. It’s easy to lose yourself in engaging slots that have lots of characters, animations, excellent graphics, bonus rounds and special features. The best way to combat this and pay attention to your bankroll is by frequently checking how long you’ve been playing slots as well as how much you’ve wagered. This way, you can avoid betting more money than you bargained for.