How Long should you play Slots for?

slots-how-longSlots games are fun, exciting, and they give you the chance to win big payouts. Considering all of this, it’s easy to see why players get memorized by the reels and keep spinning them again and again. But at some point you have to quit a slots session, and this is when the inevitable question comes up: when should I quit a slots session? The answer will vary by the individual, but let’s do our best to answer it with some general considerations.

Are You Still having Fun?

The absolute first question you must ask yourself during a slots session is if you’re still having fun. Yeah, this seems like a pretty obvious point, but how many of us have kept playing slots just to try and win back losses? This is usually the point at which the game becomes frustrating since you’re no longer playing for enjoyment, but rather just to win. So if the fun stops, then you should definitely quit playing.

slots-how-long-1Do you have a Stop Limit?

A great measure of when you should quit playing is a stop limit, or a predetermined amount of losses that indicate you’ll quit. There’s no perfect way to pick a stop limit, but this should begin by taking your bankroll into account. For example, if you have $300 to play slots with, your stop limit could be 33% of this ($100). Upon hitting $100 in losses, you’d quit playing slots for the day.

Do you only have a Certain Amount of Time to play?

It’s always nice if you set up time parameters for how long you’ll be in the casino. For instance, you might want to play slots from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, at which point you’d stop. Casinos may not have clocks on the walls, but keeping track of time is easy these days when considering how so many people have mobile phones.