How Do You Find Full-Pay Deuces Wild?

We’ve compared slots and video poker in the past, with the general consensus being that slots is good for players who want strategy-free gameplay, while video poker is nice for those who like using intricate strategy.

But if you play slot machines, chances are that you’ll try video poker at some point in your life. And when doing so, you’re likely to get curious about which machines pay the most.

While there are rare video poker variations that offer up to 103% payback, the most-common high-paying game is Deuces Wild, which pays 100.76%.

Of course, the word “common” is lightly used here because it’s hard finding full-pay Deuces Wild. So there are a few big factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for these machines.

What Does a Full-Pay Deuces Wild Paytable Look Like?

deuces-wild-video-pokerThe defining characteristic of a full-pay Deuces Wild game is that it pays 5 coins for a 4 of a kind. Most Deuces Wild games only pay 4 coins for a 4 of a kind.

What’s interesting is that lower-paying Deuces Wild games pay more for a full house and flush. But because of the frequency of 4 of a kinds in Deuces Wild — due to the wild 2s — the full-pay version still offers 100.76% payback.

Where can I Find Full-Pay Deuces Wild?

You won’t find full-pay Deuces Wild online. Instead, you need to look in land-based casinos, namely downtown Las Vegas.

The best resource when researching video poker machines is, which shows you what video poker games are offered at each casino.

Can I Become a Video Poker Pro?

Even with the positive expectation offered on a Deuces Wild game, you won’t be looking at very big profits with 100.76% payback. If you were to play perfect for 1,000 hand per hour — something that’s very hard to do — you’ll only win $7.60 an hour. Add in $2-3 per hour for comps, and you’re pulling in around $10.

Of course, the few video poker pros out there also take advantage of double points promotions and/or find machines that pay even higher than full-pay Deuces Wild.

So if you really feel like getting into video poker, you can this. But in the beginning, just try to find full-pay video poker.