How do you beat Slots?

slots-bonus-roundSome casino games can actually be beaten through skill and strategy. So the inevitable question among many slots beginners after they get started is, how do you beat these games? It seems like a valid question, like does slots have some method like card counting in blackjack or wheel bias in roulette? For the average player, no, there is no reliable way to beat slots over the long term. But you might be surprised to find out below that there are a few different ways to win slots profits over the long run.

1. Find Slots with Accumulating Bonuses

If there’s any such thing as an “easy” way to beat slots, then it has to be finding games with accumulating bonuses. These slots games are just like they sound in that you build towards a bonus by filling a meter; once the meter is full, the bonus is eligible to be won. The good thing is that, sometimes, newer players leave a slot machine when they’re close to the bonus without even realizing it. This is your chance to swoop in and cash in.

tommy-carmichael-slots-cheater2. Cheat in Slots

Nobody likes a cheater, but that hasn’t stopped certain players from trying to bilk casinos through various means. One of the most-famous slots cheaters ever is Tommy Carmichael, who used everything from the “monkey’s claw” to “light wand” to win huge profits from casinos. His methods certainly aren’t recommended, however, they have produced results.

3. Play Progressive Slots at a Certain Point

Many big progressive slots jackpots build to a point where they actually offer positive expected value to players. But when is this point? That’s the multi-million-dollar question that plenty of slots players have attempted to answer over the years. Generally speaking, though, if a slots jackpot has gone a long time without being won, then it might be offering positive long-term expected value. Just know that your odds of winning it are still pretty low.