How Bonus Vultures Caused the Death of Accumulator Slots

Have you heard of bonus accumulator slots? If not, there’s a good reason why – bonus vultures caused them to disappear from casino floors.

Find out why as we cover accumulator slots, who bonus vultures are, and why they ruined everything.

What are Accumulator Slots?

As the name implies, these slot machines see you accumulate bonuses as you play. The bonuses are eventually released when they reach a certain point.

The exciting thing about these games is that they reward players for sticking with the same machine. Furthermore, accumulator machines add something to the slots world.

Who are Bonus Vultures?

The downside to accumulator slots is that they can easily be manipulated by obsessive players.

Bonus vultures hang around accumulator machines and wait for ones that are nearing the bonus payout.

In theory, this is a perfectly fine advantage play method. But the problem is that bonus vultures try coaxing people off their games.

How did Bonus Vultures Ruin Accumulators?

As you can imagine, not every recreational slots player likes being bothered.

This is especially true when a vulture is persistent in pushing somebody off a machine.

This caused fist fights in the casino on some occasions. In other instances, customers complained about the vultures to security and they were kicked out.

Casinos eventually got tired of dealing with these problems and took accumulator slot machines off their floors.

Can You Still Find Accumulator Slots?

Yes, but it’s much rarer than it used to be. And when these machines are available, they’re usually crowded by advantage and wannabe-advantage players.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t look for accumulators when possible.

After all, these slots can be strategically played to deliver a long-term profit.

But my advice is to forget trying to make a profit through these machines. There aren’t enough accumulator slots. And desperate players are usually hogging the few available ones.