Here’s One Big Way that Video Poker and Slots differ

3d-slotsTwo casino games that are often compared are slots and video poker. The obvious reason why is because they’re both machined-based games that have been popular for decades. And when slots and video poker are compared, one of the most-notable differences is that video poker typically has higher payback than slots. But as you’ll see below, this isn’t the only huge difference between the two games…

Coin Denominations don’t factor into Video Poker

One thing about slots is that you normally attain better long-term payback by raising your coin denomination and/or playing all the paylines. For example, a certain slots game might give you the chance to win the top jackpot or some exclusive bonus by playing all 30 paylines. However, if you don’t play all the paylines, you won’t be eligible for the jackpot and/or exclusive bonus round.

slots-vs-video-pokerVideo poker, on the other hand, doesn’t differentiate between players who spend $0.25 per spin or $1.25 per spin. The paytable and royal flush payout often remain the same regardless of whether you bet the minimum or maximum. The main exception is when you’re on machines that see a jump from a 1,000-coin royal flush payout (4-coin bet) to a 4,000-coin royal prize (5-coin bet).

Why do Slots still remain More Popular?

Despite the fact that video poker usually offers better payback and more-consistent long-term payback, slots are still the more popular choice. The reasons why are many, but perhaps the chief reason is simply that casual players don’t have to think much before playing. You just insert your money, pick a coin denomination that you’re comfortable with and start spinning the reels.

Another positive point for slots is that they offer a lot more features than video poker, specifically bonus rounds, animations and even stories. The idea is to take slots away from gambling and into an all-encompassing form of entertainment. But even with all of these bonuses, be sure that you know the payback of the machine you’re playing and what coin denomination/number of paylines achieve top payback.