French Slots Player shows you don’t have to Bet Much to Win Big

slots-jackpot-winnerWhen one thinks of what it takes to win big in slots, they often envision somebody who plays for endless hours before finally experiencing a breakthrough. However, the truth is that some players have won big without betting much money at all. Take, for instance, a Belgian tourist who was playing at France’s Casino Barrière de La Rochelle.

The 25-year-old bet just €0.60 on a slot machine at the casino and ended up with a €519,956 jackpot (approx. $624k). The young man was so “overcome with emotion” that he could hardly speak following the windfall. However, casino manager Christopher Jordan commented on the winner’s euphoria after the jackpot by saying:

“It’s unreal. He seemed groggy, overcome with emotion and could barely talk. We had to pay attention to his emotional state and adjust to him. This young man had to be calmed down in this case because the sky fell on his head! Albeit a blue sky, anyway.”

Besides the large amount of money and small amount wagered, another interesting element to this story is that the jackpot occurred on New Year’s Eve. So this anonymous player couldn’t have had a better way to ring in 2015 than the giant fortune that they won.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that this €520k prize is nowhere near the biggest slots jackpot in French history. No, this honor belongs to another anonymous player who collected a €9,420,902 payout through a game called “Magic Teapot.” The win, which occurred at Joa Casino Port Crouesty in March 2011, was especially nice because the man has six children.

With a new year upon us, it will be interesting to see what kind of big slots jackpots are hit in 2015.