How are Free Slots Spins Results Determined?

Landing free slots spins is one of the most exciting things in gaming. After all who doesn’t love a chance to win free money in the casino!?

But one common question that comes up is whether or not your free spin results are pre-determined when they’re awarded.

Let’s examine this question by discussing how slots spins are normally decided along with the deal on free games.

How a Regular Slots Spin is Determined

Many slots players believe that a slots spin is determined as the reels are spinning. But the truth is that results are quickly decided right after you select the Spin button.

The spinning reels are mainly for show. This is why it makes no difference if you manually stop reels versus letting them spin for a while.

Random number generators (RNGs) determine slots results. And the RNG begins cycling through number combinations immediately after the Spin button is selected.

Free Slots Spins are Treated Separately

Let’s say that you’re playing an online slots game and you get 10 free spins. Given that regular spins are decided after pressing the button, it might seem that every free game is already pre-determined too.

But this isn’t the case. Instead every free spin is determined as you push the Spin button.

This keeps the same amount of mystery intact as when you’re playing the regular game.

One Exception to the Norm

Most slots games use the same reels for free games as they do for regular turns. But there are also machines that have a special set of reels solely for free spins.

You’ll normally see a message indicating that bonus reels are used when this is the case. The rules screen will also explain this process.

In any case, special reels may differ when the reels spin on their own. And every result may be pre-determined by the game before it starts spinning the reels.

But in most cases, free slots spins operate just like regular rounds.