Floyd Mayweather Wins $100,500 Slots Jackpot

Floyd Mayweather just won his 50th career boxing match against Conor McGregor. And now it seems that he can’t lose in the casino either as he picked up a $100,500 (£78,000) slots jackpot.

According to The Sun, Mayweather’s big windfall came through a casino slot machine. But an Instagram photo shows that it was a video poker jackpot instead.

In any case, it’s clear that “Money” earned a big payday in the casino. The Sun reports that he’d already racked up another $71,000 (£54,000) prior to the slots win.

This means that he earned a total of $171,500 during his casino visit. There’s no word on exactly how much he spent to accumulate his winnings.

After Party at Girl Collection

Following his video poker (or slots) windfall, Mayweather’s Instagram fest continued. He showed a table full of $100 bills that came from his casino winnings.

One of the Instagram pictures noted that he was heading to Girl Collection, his Las Vegas-based strip club.

Money frequently promoted Girl Collection leading up to his fight last August with McGregor.

The Rich Keep Getting Richer

The $171,500 that he recently earned from his gambling spree is a drop in the bucket to Mayweather.

He reportedly made $373 million off the McGregor fight alone. Mayweather’s promotions company helped him collect the lion’s share, while McGregor did just fine with over $100 million.

Americans paid over $100 to watch the fight on pay-per-view. The match earned over $710 million in pay-per-view revenue, smashing previous records for any other fight.

Mayweather’s $373 million in earnings are thought to have pushed him into billionaire status.

The 40-year-old boxer retired following his bout with McGregor. And it’s unclear what he plans to do after his biggest career payday.

But we can be sure that Mayweather will be enjoying slot machines and video poker in his free time.