How to figure out Your Slots Cashback

Beautiful smiling woman holding money
Beautiful smiling woman holding money
One thing that many slots players truly appreciate is cashback. Sure, the average player will still end up a loser in the long run when cashback is included. But it’s still great to see money roll back into your slots bankroll. The only problem is, though, that some players want to know exactly how much they can expect on a regular basis. This being said, let’s discuss how you can calculate your cashback.

Formula for figuring out Slots Cashback

For the sake of an example, let’s say that a casino’s slots club makes you wager $25 to get 1 loyalty point. And you must earn 10 loyally points to get $1 in cashback. Assuming this were the case, your formula for figuring out how much cashback you’d receive would be as follows:

$25 (amount to get 1 point) x 10 (number of points needed for a dollar) = 250 points for $1 of cashback

$1/250 points = 0.25% (rate of cashback)

happy-slots-playerNow that we have the 0.25% figure, you can easily find out how much money you’d get back per session. For instance, if you wagered $1,000 total on slots, you’d receive $2.50 in cashback (1,000 x 0.0025).

Some casinos also factor in the payback of an individual slots game to determine how much money you’ll receive, But this is a simple example of how your cashback will normally be determined.

Online Casinos usually list Slots Club Info

The nice thing about playing online slots is that you won’t have to look very hard to find out info on the loyalty program. The terms and conditions can usually be found easily with a quick scan of an online casino website.

Once you know how many points you get back for wagering a specific amount, you can use the math that we discussed above to figure how your cashback rate.