Everything you need to know about Online Slots Comps

online-slots-compsThere’s sometimes a misconception in the gaming community that online slots don’t provide any comps. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth since you can pick up some fantastic rewards at internet casinos. That said, let’s discuss everything you need to know about online slots comps.

How do you become Eligible?

Just make a deposit and start playing real money slots – that’s it! Once you begin playing real money slots games, you’ll immediately generate comp points. This differs greatly from land-based casinos, where you must first sign up for a player’s club card, then use it on every slot machine while playing.

How do I use my Comp Points?

The industry standard is that you’ll find a page where various comps are listed, and each item costs a certain number of points. For example, if you wanted $25 cashback you might have to spend 25,000 points. Or if you wanted a Sony PlayStation 4, you’d need to spend 550,000 points.

What can I get with my Points?

The general categories of items that you can get include cashback, merchandise and free spins. Regarding the latter, you might actually buy sweepstakes tickets to enter for a chance to win free slots spins. Cashback is pretty self explanatory while the merchandise can include everything from t-shirts to a Kindle Fire – it all just depends upon the casino.

How do I get the Most Comps?

Online casinos usually have tiered VIP programs, and you earn more rewards per dollar bet as you increase in rank. For instance, you might get 100 points per $100 wagered at the Bronze level, but 120 points per $100 wagered at the Gold level. The idea here is to reward the most-frequent players since they’re wagering so much in slots games.

But no matter what your VIP rank is, you’re sure to collect some nice comps when you play online slots games.