ET Actress Dee Wallace Says She’s a “Slot Slut”

dee-wallace-slotsDee Wallace has a long television and movie career that includes over 150 credits, including her notable role as Mary in the 1982 sci-fi movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. These days, Wallace is still involved in entertainment, but she also loves playing slot machines when she gets the chance.

Wallace wrote a column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on her love of slots, even referring to herself as a “slot slut.”

“I love Las Vegas! It’s one of my standing three-day vacation getaways,” writes Wallace. “I have to admit that I’m a slot slut. It’s true. Turn me loose on a Willy Wonka penny machine, and rescue me 4 hours later. I never lose more than $20, and sometimes I win $600. I have fun for a long time for very little. I figure that everyone wins.”

A stigma is sometimes associated with anybody who plays slot machines, notably that they’re gambling addicts. But Wallace was sure to set the record straight that she is indeed not an addict, but rather somebody who just has fun playing slots.

dee-wallace-et“I don’t worry about becoming addicted to gambling,” she explains. “There is nothing in me that wants anything else to have control over me. My dad was an alcoholic, and my brain decided to go the opposite way. One of my family members has not been so fortunate with alcohol addiction.”

Aside from playing slots, Wallace has also been studying brain science and learned that how we see our self-worth in the world is completed and wired in our brain by age 4. That said, she created a toy to training children’s brains to give themselves a high self-worth.

As for her acting career, the 67-year-old continues to find roles in prominent movies and TV shows. Her most-recent credits include Grimm, General Hospital, Supernatural, The Office, Switched at Birth, and Hansel & Gretel.