3 Easy Slots Tips to Remember

slots-paytableMost will contend that slots strategy is already pretty simple. But if you want to make it even easier, read the following easy slots tips, which won’t be hard at all to remember next time you spin the reels.

1. Always read the Paytable First

The first thing that you always want to do upon sitting down to a new slots game is read the paytable. Countless players overlook this tip, which likely means they won’t be qualified for the jackpot. And just imagine lining up all five jackpot symbols, only to later realize that you didn’t make a large enough bet to win it. Beyond this, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the slots games that you’re playing and learn how the bonus rounds work.

switching-slot-machines2. Slots Volatility affects your Bankroll

Slots volatility can be a semi-complicated subject for new players, so let’s just make it easy: a game with a big jackpot/less small payouts will pay less frequently than a game with smaller top payouts/more small payouts; this is even true if both types of games have the exact same payout percentage. So those dealing with limited bankrolls will appreciate games with more small payouts because they’ll win more often and sustain their bankroll.

3. Online Slots pay More

If you want the greatest possible chance to win in slots, then online casinos are your best chance. Online slots simply offer better overall payback than what you’ll find in land-based casinos. And this is due to the fact that internet casinos have less overhead costs to cover, meaning they can deliver around 95% payback (on average), versus the 88% to 92% average payback that you’ll see in land-based casinos. Of course, this isn’t to say that you have to limit yourself to online gaming. But just know that your payback is higher with online slots.