Does Las Vegas still have Coin Slot Machines?

coin-slot-machineAround the 1990s, Las Vegas began a shift from coin-operated slot machines to ticket-based models. This of course is more convenient because you no longer have to walk around the casino with a bucket full of quarters. However, there are still people who get a sense of nostalgia for the old, coin-operated 3-reelers. So can you find these antiques throughout Las Vegas?

The good news is that, yes, there are still some coin-based slots that you can play around Vegas, allowing you to carry buckets of quarters without feeling weird.

According to Vegas Seven, a couple of hot spots for nostalgic slots lovers include El Cortez, Circus Circus and The D. The D is especially a good spot because their entire floor is filled with classic, coin-operated slots. They also feature Sigma Derby, a famed slots relic that sees you compete in a multi-player horse race.

Which Casino should I visit for Coin Slot Machines?

el-cortez-slotsThe casino you choose will largely depend upon your preferences. The D and El Cortez are both located downtown, with The D being more upscale. El Cortez, however, is the far better value in terms of hotel rooms and food.

Circus Circus is located on the Vegas Strip, giving you access to all the touristy amenities that the strip has to offer. Of course, this comes with a price too if you stay at Circus Circus.

You can also find some coin slot machines at MGM Grand like Sigma Derby. But this is even more expensive than the three previously discussed casinos.

Advantage of Coin Slot Machines

mgm-casinoIf you’ve read up to this point, chances are that nostalgia from old Vegas trips is your primary reason for seeking out coin-operated slots. However, one more reason to play them is the high hit frequency.

Sure, those big multipliers and bonus rounds make today’s video slots exciting. But if you find coin slots with a low top payout (i.e. 1,000 to 3,000 coins) and no extra frills, then you’ll be winning quite often in comparison to the 50-line video slots that quickly suck away your money.

This makes your bankroll last longer while playing and also increases your entertainment.