Different Progressive Slot Machines & How They Work

Progressive slot machines, which feature increasing jackpots, are the most-popular types of slots. What’s even more exciting is that you can look forward to playing different progressive slot machines.

The type of progressive game you choose will largely depend upon your individual tastes. Keep reading as I discuss the different progressive slot machines and their advantages.

Regular Progressive Slot Machines

A standard progressive slot pays its jackpot when specific symbols land in an active payline. For example, five king symbols appearing in a payline could trigger a jackpot.

Most progressive slots have five reels. But some can have either three or six reels.

In any case, you normally must fill an active line with the max number of jackpot symbols. A six-reel slot, for example, would require you to get six jackpot icons going across the reels.

Random Progressive Slots

A random progressive slot sees the jackpot awarded randomly. This style of game doesn’t require you to get any specific symbols in a payline to hit the top prize.

Instead, the slot pays its jackpot at a completely random point. You could theoretically fail to win a regular prize on your spin, yet still hit the jackpot.

These games are programmed with average odds on when they’re supposed to deliver the top payout. A progressive slot may, for example, deliver its jackpot on 1 in every 10 million slots.

Mystery Progressive Slots

A mystery progressive slot features a jackpot that must be won by a specific point. For example, a mystery game may have a jackpot that has to be paid when it hits $1,000.

These slots are fun from the perspective that you know exactly when the jackpot will be paid. You can increase your chances of winning the top prize by playing when the jackpot nears its target point.

You may even gain a long-term advantage by continually playing mystery progressive slots when their jackpot is close to paying.