Common Progressive Slots Questions

slots-player-thinkingIt doesn’t take Stephen Hawking or noted chess master Garry Kasparov to play slots games. And that’s great for those of us who don’t want to spend hours learning strategy before playing. Even still, questions can arise among beginning players, especially when it comes to progressive slots. This being said, let’s discuss a few of the most-common questions that I’ve received regarding progressives.

1. Should you Always make the Maximum Bet?

The top question I’ve been asked involves whether or not one should always bet the maximum amount with progressive slots. And the reason why is because these players have heard that you can’t win the jackpot without wagering the max.

For starters, people who pose this one don’t usually specify whether they mean the max coin size or number of paylines (I assume it’s the former, though). In any case, no, you shouldn’t make the maximum bet until you’ve read the help screen. This fills you in on the rules for a specific slots game, and let’s you know what exactly is required to qualify for the jackpot (i.e. max coin size, max paylines, a side bet, no requirement).

garry-kasparov-slots2. Aren’t Progressive Slots Bad Games?

Yes and no. If you’re talking purely in terms of payout frequency – or your chances of winning any prize on a single spin – then progressives aren’t great for bankroll management because they are very volatile. But in terms of payout percentage, you can find a fair amount of progressive slots that feature around 95% payback (especially online).

3. Where are the Million-Dollar Jackpots?

While there aren’t an abundance of million-dollar slots jackpots around every corner, this isn’t to say that you can’t get rich through the game. Land-based casinos link some of their slots machines, which leads to multi-million dollar prizes. And there are multiple linked progressive games online that can make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams too.

4. Can I time up my Spins to have a Better Chance at winning?

One of the oldest slots myths in the book involves the idea that you can “time up” spins to better your chances of winning. But the reality is that timing spins holds about as much weight as the notion that pop rocks and soda together can make your stomach explode. A random number generator determines slots results, and it acts so fast that no human could ever “time” their spin perfectly to win a jackpot.