Checklist for playing Better Slots

playing-better-slotsIf you know much about slots, you’re probably aware that you won’t normally beat these games, aside from resorting to cheating techniques. But there are certainly some steps that you can take to improve your slots playing and potentially win more money too. This being said, here’s a checklist that you should go through whenever you try new slots games.

1. See if the Minimum Bet matches your Bankroll

So many times players hop on a new slot machine, start playing, and then are shocked when their bankroll rapidly disappears. That’s because some slots force you to make a large minimum bet just to spin the reels. For example, a slot could make you play 50 paylines and, even if you only have to bet one penny per line, that’s still $0.50. If your bankroll can’t handle this, then search for games that only require you to spend $0.01-$0.20 per spin, or whatever you’re comfortable with.

2. Check the Payout Frequency

Another important aspect of bankroll management involves playing games that pay out frequently. The more often a game pays, the longer your fun lasts! If this is important to you, avoid games with lots of multipliers and/or big jackpots because you pay for these large wins in the long run through less-frequent wins. Also, check for slots that have 3-4 low-paying symbols (2-10 coin payouts) because this is a sign that they hit often.

3. Find Good Payout Percentages

weekend-in-vegas-slotAs you may know, your odds of winning money greatly increase with a higher payout percentage. Many online slots these days offer payback of 96% or more, which is quite high. Land-based slot machines usually only pay 92% or lower due to casinos’ higher expenditures. If you can combine high payback with high payout frequency, then you’ll be set for lots of winning!

4. Set up your Slots Bankroll

In order to ensure that you have a good time with slots, you’ll want come up with a bankroll management plan. This will vary based on the denomination/paylines that you’re playing and your budget. But the key to good bankroll management is making sure that you have a stop limit in place. If this stop limit is $150, then you’d quit your session as soon as you lost this much.

5. Make sure the Slot is Fun!

Perhaps this should be the first point on the checklist, because what’s the point of playing slots if you aren’t having fun? Look for the themes you love and possibly bonus rounds, storylines and introductions. More frills usually means that you’ll be entertained longer.