Casino Slots are Great – If You avoid These 3 Players

crazy-slots-playerWhile online and mobile slots are great, especially due to the convenience factor, it’s always fun making trips to land-based casino as well. After all, nothing beats playing for big prizes in a live atmosphere with fellow players around. Furthermore, the players themselves can spice up your slots session if they’re fun to chat with. But on the other hand, players can just as easily ruin your session, so beware of the following three types of people.

1. Players who Cheer about Everything

Casinos should make a rule on what size of win a slots player can celebrate, because you’ll occasionally find people who go crazy over every 3-coin payout. You probably won’t mind if you just won 1,000 coins or more in your session and are happy too. But if you’re on a cold streak and some idiot next to you is yelling because they just won 2 and 5 coins in consecutive spins, then you’re in for a long day.

crazy-slots-player-12. Overly Superstitious Players

One of the fun things about slots games is that players use superstitious beliefs to bring them more winnings. This could include everything from doing a prayer before hitting the spin button, to saying “Com’on big money!” But just like the players who get too loud, these overly superstitious players can also get on your nerves. So if you see somebody waving their lucky rabbit’s foot around while screaming “Big money!” before each spin, don’t sit next to them.

3. The Angry Person

Anybody who’s played slots before can attest to how frustrating it is when you haven’t won in a while. But to take it out on the machine and everybody around you…well, that’s a little excessive. Nevertheless, there are players who get so angry that they curse out loud and make sure everybody knows they’re pissed. They may even hit the machine like a caveman occasionally, giving you a warning sign not to play by them.