Casino Di Campione Closed Due to Debt

Casino di Campione was one of the most-popular places to play slot machines in Italy. However, Casino di Campione closed recently amid struggles with debt.

The Lake Como venue now sits empty, with a number of dark slot machines and table games gathering dust. Keep reading to find out exactly what went wrong.

Casino di Campione Closed while Owing 200 Creditors

It’s hard to imagine a posh casino resort owing so much to creditors. After all, such establishments are meant to create the feeling of luxury.

But beneath Casino di Campione’s iconic look was a massive amount of debt. They owed hundreds of debtors and decided that this was the perfect time to get out of business.

The Telegraph reports that over 200 creditors are heading to court in an effort to get some of their money back from bankruptcy proceedings.

Casino di Campione Struggles Highlight Larger Problem

According to Campione d’Italia resident Fiorenzo Dorigo, the entire town is struggling. And this could be what hit Casino do Campione hard.

“The town is collapsing. The little bars, pizzerias and stores are all in deep trouble,” said Dorigo.

“It is hitting all the sectors, from the distribution chain to the taxi drivers to the bakers who brought bread to the casino restaurant kitchen.

“Everyone gave them credit. No one believed the casino would close from one day to the next.”

Campione d’Italia Could Be Hurting Worse After Casino di Campione Closed

Campione d’Italia is a village with 2,000 residents, located on the banks of Lake Como. All of the townsfolk could be feeling the sting after losing their local gambling establishment.

Casino di Campione was one of the big draws to the town. Now it’s a wonder what will draw people, beyond Lake Como’s natural beauty.

Hard times could be ahead for Campione d’Italia in the absence of its large gambling venue.