Can You win a Slots Jackpot Twice? Elmer Sherwin proves Yes

elmer-sherwin-slotsThe odds of you winning a huge slots jackpot on any single spin are not that great. So it’s easy to see that the odds of you winning two jackpots are even slimmer. But can it happen? Yes, and as we’ll discuss below, Elmer Sherwin hit two different jackpots that would make any person wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Sherwin’s First Win was $4.6m at the Mirage

Sherwin’s first windfall came when he visited Las Vegas’ Mirage in 1989. While playing the highly popular progressive slot machine Megabucks, Sherwin hit a $4.6 million jackpot. The first win brought him great joy since he traveled to many different places, shared the money with his family and made a sizable donation to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The Second Jackpot was Even Bigger

Despite already being rich, Sherwin had one goal in mind: win the Megabucks jackpot again. Following a number of trips to Vegas’ Cannery Casino & Hotel, he got his wish after earning a massive $21,147,947 payout in 2005. This money resulted in another large Hurricane Katrina donation along with more cash bestowed on his family. Additionally, it also gave Sherwin a larger bankroll to continue playing Megabucks with.

“I want to see the looks on their faces when they hear,” Sherwin said afterward. “I’m gonna try for a third win on Megabucks, but I may try the Wheel of Fortune slot, too.”

Winning Twice is Easier on Small Jackpots

Sherwin’s story is a very unlikely one that probably won’t be repeated often in the future. After all, this guy won two life-changing slots prizes within a 16-year span. However, it’s not so unfathomable for players who chase slots jackpots ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. So as Sherwin proves, if you win once, there’s nothing keeping you from winning big again.