Can you beat Slots with a Small Bankroll?

beating-slots-small-bankrollIt goes without saying that if you have more money, then you have more chances to win in slots. Of course, the average person doesn’t have thousands of dollars sitting around just waiting to be used on slots games. So this brings up the matter of if you can actually win much money in slots with a small bankroll. The answer is yes, but you’ll want to keep the following points in mind if you’re working with a little slots bankroll.

The Smaller the Slots Jackpot, the Better

We all want to win a massive progressive slots jackpot and retire early. But the problem is that this usually takes a lot of money to pull off (assuming it happens). So if you don’t have a very big bankroll, you’re much better off going for jackpots that are worth anywhere from $10k-$50k. Sure this amount won’t allow you to retire early, but you’ll have a decent chance at actually winning a jackpot one day.

slots-cheatingLook for Slots Games with Small Payouts

One important concept for the small bankroll player is payout frequency, or how often you can expect to win any kind of prize. You definitely want high payout frequency so that you pick up money and keep your bankroll at a healthy level. The best way to find slots with high payout frequency – since it’s not advertised – is to look for games with several small payouts ranging from 2-10 coins.

Play Slots with Low Bets

Not all slots require you to bet a dollar or more per spin. So look for the games that allow you to wager a quarter or less and still qualify for the jackpot and bonus rounds. Be sure to read the help screens of any game you’re interested in to find such slots games.