3 Ways to Boost your Slots Winnings

slots-strategies-2Albert Einstein once said that the only way to win in roulette is by cheating, and the same is definitely true with slots too. Slot machines are luck-based games that give the house an edge of around 5% – 12%, depending on what game you’re playing. But does this mean that you are a prisoner to blind luck and can’t change your slots odds? Not quite, and here are three ways that you can boost your chances of winning.

1. Play Online or Mobile Slots

The simplest way to boost your win percentage is by playing at online and mobile casinos. Both online and mobile slots feature around a 5% house edge, while land-based slot machines typically have an edge ranging from 5% – 12%. So if your main concern is winning a jackpot or big payout of any kind, then you’ll definitely want to try online slots.

2. Use the Gamble Feature

slots-how-longSome games have a “Gamble Feature” that allows you to wager your most-recent win in hopes of doubling up your money. This many not appeal to every player because they don’t want to risk a prize they just won. However, the key thing here is that the Gamble Feature gives you a 50/50 chance of winning. Try finding this in other casino games!

3. Research Different Games/Casinos

One more way that you can improve your slots winnings is by doing research. If you already know of some games you like to play, get on Google and find out what you can about their payout percentages. With some luck, you’ll be able to find the slots games with the best payback and win more long-term money.