Betsoft Launching Eternal Blood Slots Soon

Betsoft will soon make their foray into the vampire world with the release of Eternal Blood slots.

This 6-reel, 30-payline game features everything you’d expect from a classic vampire slot. You’ll see creepy castles, blood, holy water, gargoyles, humans, and of course vampires.

This isn’t some cheap knockoff of Twilight, nor is there any love story brewing. Instead, this game is all about humans trying to avoid becoming these blood suckers’ next lunch.

The atmosphere says it all because Eternal Blood is staged inside a creepy castle. You’ll also hear classical music and hear spooky sound effects.

Now that we’ve covered the basics in this Eternal Blood preview, let’s discuss some of the features.

Vampire Free Spins

The highlight of this game is Vampire Free Spins. These occur whenever a human and vampire appear side-by-side on an adjacent reel.

This begins with the vampire sneaking up behind the human and biting them. The result is a free spin, and extra wild symbols.

Double Bats

Eternal Blood features both double and single bat icons. The double symbols are what you’ll hope for because they count for two symbols in one space.

The goal is to get 6 double bats in a payline because this rewards you with 10,000 coins. Five double bats and one single (11x) will deliver 5,000 credits.

Both Ways Pays

This slot pays from left to right and right to left (a.k.a. both ways pays). In contrast, most online slots only pay from left to right.

Long story short, you’ll form many more payouts with Eternal Blood than with the average slot.

Eternal Blood Release Date

Watch for Eternal Blood slots when it drops in casinos on September 18th.

You can currently play this game at Betsoft’s website right now. When the game is officially available, you’ll be able to play for real money at Bovada and Drake Casino because they both have Betsoft products.