Beginner’s Luck in Online Slots

choosing-your-slots-gameIt can be frustrating waiting forever to win a big online slots jackpot. And it’s even more frustrating when a buddy of yours quickly hops online and wins big right away! Believe it or not, this has actually happened to some people, and it makes them wonder if there’s some kind of conspiracy at work. That said, let’s discuss the beginner’s luck conspiracy in online slots and if there’s anything to this idea.

Do Online Casinos let New Players win?

Some players believe that internet casinos want beginners to win because, if they get a big prize right away, they’ll be hooked on slots games and keep playing. In theory, this thought makes sense and would most likely keep newbies spinning the reels. Furthermore, it seems like online casinos would be able to program their games to detect new players and let them quickly win a large prize.

Winning in Slots is All Luck – No Matter your Experience

quick-slots-tipsThe idea that new players win more in slots can be chalked up to myth. Everything is totally random in slots games, meaning you have the same chance of winning big whether you’ve played for 1 minute or 100 hours.

The conspiracy surrounding beginner’s luck arises from how much new players are magnified when they start playing. Just imagine if you’ve played slots for years and never won anything over 10,000 coins, only to watch your friend win 50,000 coins within their first hour of slots. Sure, this scenario is rare, but it would probably have you thinking that some conspiracy was afoot if it happened.

In any case, just know that whenever a totally new slots players gets lucky, they are truly getting lucky – rather than receiving extra help from internet casinos.