Basics of Progressive Slots

progressive-slotsBy far the most popular type of slots is definitely progressive slots. The primary reason why is because progressive games offer the biggest jackpots, with some being worth over $1 million. Obviously this is an attractive proposition, so let’s discuss how these games work, some strategy and who will enjoy progressive slots the most.

The Jackpot increases with Every Spin

The term “progressive” comes from the fact that the jackpot grows with every real money spin that players make. For example, you might play a game where 5% of every spin goes towards funding the jackpot. So if you’re betting a dollar per spin, 5 cents is going towards the jackpot. This may not sound like much, however, when progressive games are linked and thousands of people are playing, it can add up to one massive prize!

Progressive Slots Strategy

The main tip that you want to keep in mind with progressive slots is to know the rules going in. Most of these games require players to bet the top coin size in order to qualify for the jackpot. Others require you to make a $1 side bet or select every payline.

In any case, you need to do whatever is required because it’s not worth playing a progressive game if you aren’t eligible for the jackpot. By not qualifying for the jackpot, your overall expected payback declines considerably. Plus, just think how you’d feel after hitting a $10,000 payout by getting the same symbols that would’ve netted you a $1 million prize.

Who enjoys Progressive Slots the Most?

If your main objective is to stretch your bankroll and maximize time on slots, then progressive games probably aren’t your best option. After all, it’s pretty rare to hit one of these jackpots, and you’ll see low payouts far less frequently. However, anybody who dreams big and wants to play for life-changing money will definitely enjoy progressive slots. With these games, just one spin could make your dreams come true!