Here’s how to avoid Blowing Your Slots Bankroll

slots-freerolls-worth-itBankroll management is always one of the hottest topics in slots because it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do. Well, in theory it’s easy, but what about those times when you drop $150 in half an hour and want to keep playing? In these instances, you’re going to need a few tricks to avoid blowing your slots bankroll, and here are a few that you should consider.

1. Remind Yourself that You have just as Good a Chance to win Tomorrow

A big factor that gets people to bet past their bankroll is the idea that they can win their losses back. And this has led to more than a few disappointed players who quickly blow through their extra money and leave more dejected than ever before. In order to avoid this scenario again and again, remind yourself that everything is completely random in slots. The random number generator (RNG) doesn’t care if you spin within the next minute or wait until next week: your odds are still going to be the same.

2. Only take as Much Money as You can lose

slots-why-playIf you’re playing in a land-based casino, don’t take any more money onto the floor than what you would be comfortable losing. Assuming you’re playing at an online casino, don’t deposit any more than your bankroll. Sure you can always reload in either scenario, but you’ll be less likely to when it’s inconvenient to do so.

3. Play Games with High Hit Frequency

As you may know, “hit frequency” refers to how often you’ll win on any individual slot spin/payline. So if the hit frequency is 25%, you’ll win a quarter of your spins on average. Of course, there are some games that only pay out around 15% of the time, which can be brutal on your bankroll. Before you go this route, look at the lowest-paying symbols on games; a slots game with 2-coin, 3-coin,, 5-coin and 10-coin payouts is going to deliver a lot of wins.