Atlanta Slots Player Stole Thousands of Dollars – Police on the Hunt

Atlanta Police are currently looking for a man who stole $7,900 from a gas station-based slot machine. They’ve now made it public that the Atlanta slots player stole thousands from the gas station.

The police were able to identify the criminal through surveillance. Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta has published the video, which was taped at 2am on April 6.

How the Atlanta Slots Player Stole Thousands

The video footage shows that the suspect messed with the front panel of a slot machine to gain access. He then reached his hand inside the machine and pulled out cash.

The perpetrator did this with another gambler serving as his lookout. The two players left the scene after the cash was secured.

“Video footage shows the male break into the machine,” stated Crime Stoppers. “He was then able to retrieve the money from the dispense system totaling $7,900”

Authorities Ask for Help in Finding the Suspects

The Authorities say that both criminals made a clean getaway with the money. The crime was later reported by a store clerk.

Police describe the main suspect as being skinny with a short haircut. He wore gray pants and a gray dress shirt during the crime.

Atlanta Crime Stoppers is now asking the public for help in identifying the suspect. They’re offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Criminals Used Very Rudimentary Slots Cheating Method

Slot machine criminals have gotten much more-technically advanced over the years. Some even use smartphone technology to rip off games.

However, these two criminals used one of the most-rudimentary ways possible to rob a game. One of the perpetrators simply removed the front cover and grabbed money from the slot.

Neither criminal thought to conceal their identity very well. They’ve now been quickly identified as a result.

The police will have a much easier time catching the men thanks to their positive ID.