Arizona Couple Wins $1 Million Penny Slots Jackpot

You wouldn’t expect to hit a near-7 figure payout on a penny slots game. But an Arizona couple recently did just this, winning a penny slots jackpot worth $944,337 on the Willy Wonka slot machine.

According to, Nicholas Blaskowski and Nicole Perry of Phoenix won the life-changing amount at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Both players said that they were “shocked and excited” to win such a large sum.

A Caesars spokeswoman added that Blaskowski and Perry are two of eight people who won $100,000 or more at Caesars properties recently.

The only unfortunate part of this story is that we don’t have more details on the couple. Furthermore, they didn’t say how or what they plan to spend the money on.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that this jackpot tale doesn’t turn out nearly as badly as Jan Flato.

Blaskowski and Perry aren’t Afraid to Reveal their Identities

Some big slots winners avoid revealing their identity for fear that third cousins and long-lost friends will come out of the woodwork looking for a slice.

But as you can see, Nicole Perry and Nicholas Blaskowski were perfectly fine with offering their names up. Again, the only thing that would’ve made this better is if they’d gave more quotes on their future plans.

Odds of Winning Nearly $1 Million on Penny Slots

As mentioned in the intro, few players expect to get rich while playing penny slot machines. But then again, these games aren’t as cheap as the name sounds.

As I’ve covered before, penny slots can cost far more than you’d expect.

But the good news is that some of these games can offer huge progressive jackpots. Obviously this was the case with Willy Wonka, which paid Perry and Blaskowski a fortune!

That said, if you’re hunting for big slots payouts, don’t overlook a penny slots jackpot.