Are Slots Morphing into Something Else?

slots-clueWhen one thinks of slots, they commonly envision spinning reels and waiting for symbols to come to a stop. This of course has been the traditional way that slots have worked for well over a century.

But anybody who’s been playing slots over the past decade, or even last 5 years, knows that the games are evolving. Case in point, most games now include bonus rounds and a large variety of betting options. But as we’ll explain below, don’t expect random-outcome bonus rounds and more betting options to be the pinnacle of slots change.

Skill Bonus Rounds being added

One thing that many gamemakers are starting to include are skill-based bonus rounds. These differ from traditional bonus rounds in that a player’s actions/skill slots-skill-roundactually have an effect on the long-term house edge. For example, rather than clicking on boxes to reveal a prize (random outcome), you might control a bat and collect gems. Based on how you do, you’re going to get more money.

Social Gaming Elements

Whether it’s Twitter or iPhone gaming apps, everything seems to be going the way of social interactivity. And we could very well see slots morph into something like this because casinos are already experimenting with head-to-head slots-type games. There’s even talk in New Jersey of adding Candy Crush-style games in the casino world. A gambling-based version of Candy Crush might not include slots elements, but I can only imagine that future slots will center around social gaming.


Okay, so nothing totally new here because a growing percentage of slots games are featuring storylines and cut scenes. But rather than this being a small percentage, like now, you’re likely to see more slots follow a story. After all, this increases interest and keep people playing in order to unlock more parts of the story.

Given everything that we’ve discussed here, it’ll definitely be interesting to see where slots are headed in the future.