7 Slots Sins to Avoid

Slots are often classified as games of pure chance. But you can actually improve your chances of winning by avoiding crucial mistakes. That said, let’s look at 7 slots sins that will drain your bankroll.

Slots Sin #1 – Not Researching Payback

Every slots game has a payback figure, which determines how much it pays out long term. Google the game you’re playing, casino you’re playing at, and/or game manufacturer to learn a slot machine’s payback.

Slots Sin #2 – Betting Max Coins when You Don’t Have to

One of the biggest slots myths is that you have to bet the max coin size to achieve top payback. This may be true with some games, but it’s not true with the majority of slot machines. And you may just be draining your bankroll faster by playing the highest coin size.

Slots Sin #3 – Not Reading a Slot Machine’s Rules

You can avoid problems like in point #2 simply by reading game rules. The rules will tell you how many paylines must be played to achieve the top payback.

Slots Sin #4 – Playing Too Fast

Slot machines aren’t races. Play at a leisurely pace so you avoid exposing yourself too much to the house edge.

Slots Sin #5 – Always Playing in Land-based Casinos

Some people love playing in brick-and-mortar casinos for the experience. But you’ll actually find the best slots payback in online casinos.

Slots Sin #6 – Not Signing Up for the Slots Club

When you do play slots in land-based casinos, you need to sign up for the slots club. Otherwise, you won’t receive any rewards on your play.

Slots Sin #7 – Not Reading Terms and Conditions on Online Slots Bonuses

One of the best parts of playing online slots is that you can get signup bonuses. But you must also meet wagering requirements before cashing out your bonus. That said, thoroughly read terms and conditions to see how stringent the wagering requirements are.