5 Points to know about Slots Comps

slots-compsIt goes without saying that we all want more comps from our slots play. But there are certain nuances you must understand to make sure that you’re picking up more free comps. This being said, here are five quick points about slots comps that you should definitely know to maximize your rewards.

1. Land-based Casinos may feature Elaborate Rewards Programs – Sometimes it’s hard to get a read on exactly how you pick up comps at land-based casinos. But your rewards may be based on a combination of total play, frequency of play, if you take days off and a machine’s payback.

2. Some Casinos offer Lifetime Rewards – Think you HAVE to be a high roller to get free hotel rooms? Sometimes you can get a hotel suite, limo ride or free meal through lifetime-play rewards. These are given when you hit certain loyalty-point milestones.

3. Online Slots Comps are all based on Points – When you play slots online, you’ll receive points for real money wagers; for instance, you might get 1 point for every $10 in wagers. This is an excellent system because it’s really easy for players to keep track of the rewards that they’re getting.

4. Online Rewards Points increase as You move up – It’s definitely worth doing most of your online slots play in one spot because your rewards points increase in value this way. For instance, your points may get you double the comps as you move from the lowest VIP level to the highest.

5. Always get a Slots Club Card at Every Casino you visit – Whenever you visit a new land-based casino, be sure to sign up for a slots club card. After all, if you don’t have a slots card at land-based casinos, then you can’t take advantage of the rewards.