5 Different Ways to play Slots

Bejeweled Slot Mobile AppThink visiting a casino is the only way to play slots? Well, this is one way that you can enjoy the world’s favorite casino game. However, there are actually several others, which we’ll discuss below.

1. Online Slots

Why leave your house to go to the casino when you can just sit down to your desktop or laptop computer and play? Many players love the convenience that online slots offer and they have more games to choose from than ever before. In fact, some internet casinos offer well over 100 slots games, meaning your options are almost limitless across the industry.

2. Free Slots

Sticking with the online slots theme here, you can also play for free. This is perfect for those who want to familiarize themselves with slots games before betting real money. Or, it could just be that you enjoy spinning the reels on different games without having to risk anything. In either case, it’s never a bad idea to try free slots when you’re looking for something fun to do.

3. Land-based Casinos

There’s nothing like sticking to the classics! Some players love the more-social atmosphere of playing slots in brick-and-mortar casinos. And this is usually where you’ll find the biggest progressive jackpots, with one player having once won a jackpot worth over $40 million!

4. Mobile Slots

We mentioned one of the benefits of online slots being convenience. But you can’t get any more convenient than playing slots on a smartphone or tablet. And what’s nice is that mobile slots are getting more popular, with casinos adding more and more games to their selection.

5. Bars/Pubs

If you go to the UK, you’ll have the chance to play slot-like machines in pubs. Called fruit machines or amusement with prizes (AWP), these games play just like slots, except with a couple twists. But anybody who loves slots shouldn’t have any problem getting into fruit machines.