4 Ways that Slots Players have beaten the Casinos

slots-wins-disguised-as-lossesNobody ever said that beating slots was easy, and they probably won’t ever say it either. However, there are a few different ways that players have beaten the house edge in slots to make long-term profits. That said, let’s look at four different ways that allow you to gain an edge on casinos.

1. Play Accumulator Slots

These are slots games where a person’s play accumulates towards a bonus. As you accumulate a certain score and/or milestones, you’ll unlock a bonus or multiplier. Because this is released at a set point, those who hop on these machines right before the accumulator is awarded have a theoretical long-term advantage.

2. Mini Progressive Slots

slots-grindThere are also slots called mini progressives, where you earn a small jackpot at specific points. Just like accumulator slots, the key is to be on these machines right before the mini progressive jackpot is paid out so that you gain an edge.

3. Form a Progressive Slots Team

You’re never even close to being guaranteed a huge progressive slots jackpot. But if you form a team when a progressive jackpot has gotten large enough, then you can improve your odds of winning and split the potential payout. Of course, when a jackpot is worth $1 million or more, this positive expected value by no means indicates that your team is set to win the top prize any time soon.

4. Cheating at Slots

tommy-carmichael-slots-cheaterWhy not take all the luck out of slots and just cheat? Well, because you could be arrested for doing so. Still, this hasn’t stopped people like Tommy Carmichael from cheating casino slots. Carmichael used everything from the Monkey’s Paw to a light wand to cheat casinos in slots, and he made millions in the process. But again, keep the legal consequences in mind when considering this option.