4 Reasons to Play Slots – Even When You’re Losing

Slot machines are some of the toughest games to win with. This fact may leave you searching for reasons to play slots if you’re currently a losing player.

The truth is that you don’t have to quit playing just because you’re not winning. In fact, some very good reasons exist for why you should keep spinning, even if you’re currently losing.

1. Slots Have High Variance

Some gamblers think that there’s no way they can possibly beat slot machines. After all, these games can drain one’s bankroll rather quickly.

The biggest thing to realize, though, is that slots have really high variance. You can win your money back, but it takes time to hit large payouts.

2. Most Online Slots Have Solid Payout Percentages

One reason why slot machines eventually come around is because most have high payback. Online slots especially have good return to player (RTP), with many games offering around 95% RTP.

I mentioned earlier how slots involve a lot of variance. But the solid payback ensures that you have a chance to win your money back and more at some point.

3. You can Earn Bonuses and VIP Rewards

You should never play slot machines just for comps and bonuses. However, comps are still one of the best reasons to play slots when you’re losing.

These rewards ensure that you at least receive a percentage of your losses back. They’re especially nice when you’ve won money, because they add a little extra.

4. You Always Have a Chance to Win Big

One more reason to keep paying slot machines is that you’re always eligible for a jackpot.

Of course, your odds of winning big are low. However, the fact that you have a chance to win keeps things exciting.

I suggest playing for jackpots worth $50,000 or less, because the odds of winning anything higher are astronomical. But you obviously have the freedom to play for any slots prize that you’re interested in.