4 Changes that VR Slots Will Bring to Gaming

vr-slots-changesReady or not, the slots world is about to receive a heavy dose of virtual reality. As we covered before, a report from Juniper Research suggests that VR gaming will grow 800% over the next 5 years. Some players may like slot machines the way they are, while others will appreciate the advancements that VR technology bring. Regardless of which class you’re in, it’s still worth examining what to expect when virtual reality becomes a bigger part of online casinos.

1. VR Will Improve Slots Graphics

Many of the online slots produced today offer incredible 3D graphics, making it feel like slots visuals can’t get any better. Nevertheless, VR will improve these graphics even more. Given that the idea behind this technology is to make it feel like you can reach out and touch objects, 3D slots will become more realistic.

2. VR Slots Will Enhance the Action

virtual-reality-casinoAnother thing that we’ve seen with recent slots is an improvement in animations, storylines, and cut scenes. Thanks to the aforementioned 3D graphics, these features are more impressive than they were 5 years ago and beyond. But this is another area that VR will enhance further, making games feel more action-packed with regard to animations and video displays.

3. Older Slot Machines Will Feel Even Older

Based on the first two aspects we covered – better graphics and more-intense action – the slots of today and before are going to look even older than they are. We’ve all experienced games and movies that suddenly look like they are from the 1990s or 80s when put alongside newer 3D products. The same will reign true when VR slots become more a part of online gaming.

4. Casinos Will Become a Realistic Experience

The most-lacking aspect between online and land-based slot machines is the casino environment. Nobody really feels like they’re at a real casino when playing online. But VR slots will include more elements of a real land-based casino environment like the bar, lounge, and machine chairs. Furthermore, VR casinos will allow you to walk around and find slot machines – not just look through a condensed online lobby.