4 Potentially Bad Slots Decisions

slots-voucherSlots are the easiest casino games to figure out because you can take your time and not have to worry about table etiquette. That said, you wouldn’t think that there’s much to these games besides depositing your money and playing.

But the truth is that there are a few bad decisions you can make when dealing with a limited bankroll. Below is a look at 4 bad decisions that you’ll want to avoid with regard to bankroll management.

1. Playing Slots with Jackpot Bets

Slots with big jackpots are always attractive because they offer life-changing payouts. But the problem is that the bigger jackpot games often require a max or side bet. This is especially common in land-based casinos, where you might have to bet $3-$5 to qualify for a progressive jackpot. When you go on a cold streak at this rate, your bankroll is sure to take a hit.

2. Playing Games with Several Multipliers, Bonuses

slots-bonusOne way to spice up your slots play is by trying games with several bonus rounds and multipliers. But the problem with this is that you’ll also deal with more volatility on these games. After all, numerous bonus payouts means that you’ll go through dry spells where you don’t win anything at all. If you want more-frequent payouts, then avoid slots that have lots of multipliers and bonuses.

3. Chasing Slots Bonuses

One big reason why casinos like offering loyalty programs is because it encourages players to chase rewards. After all, when you get closer and closer to rewards, you’re going to want to finish the deal. But the one thing to remember here is that the casino still holds an edge as you chase these rewards. That said, let loyalty bonuses come naturally, rather than overextending your bankroll to get them.

4. Letting Near-Wins Convince You to Keep Playing

Anybody who’s played slots for a while has their near-win stories, where they almost hit a jackpot or get a 500x multiplier. But don’t let these almost-big wins convince you to play longer than you can afford. Just because you almost won big on a certain spin doesn’t get you any closer to the jackpot in the future.