3 Tips for playing Slots with your Friends

slots-friendsThe slot machine is a solo activity where it’s just you against the house. But this isn’t to say that you can’t bring your friends along and have some extra fun. However, if you do play slots with friends, then there are a few tips that will help you maximize your fun. So let’s discuss three slots tips below that will make these games more enjoyable for you and your buddies.

1. Try Shared Jackpot Slots Together

Many casinos contain a bank of the same slot machine, where everybody is on their own machine, but they share common goals. Specifically, players will share in bonus rounds and the jackpot if somebody hits it. This really creates a team-based feeling where everybody is spinning towards the same goal, and the nice thing is that everybody can bet whatever amount they want per spin.

2. Don’t let your Friend influence your Bankroll or Vice Versa

switching-slot-machinesBankroll management is important in slots because you want to avoid betting money that you don’t have at all costs. But what sometimes happens among friends is that one player will go past their bankroll, yet continue betting anyways. This might prolong the fun that you’re having with a friend, however, it can also put important money at risk that you can’t afford to lose. So be sure to stick to your bankroll no matter what!

3. Play Competitive Slots against Each Other

If you have a budding rivalry with your friend, then there are some competitive slots games that are great. For instance, “Empire” sees players try to get King Kong to the top of the Empire State Building first so that they can collect the bonus. Another one is “Reel’em In,” where players compete against each other in a fishing event to see who wins.

Playing slots with buddies is an excellent way to boost your enjoyment with slots – especially if you take the advice discussed here!