3 Tips about Holiday Slots Play

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means many people will have more time to visit the casino. This also means that numerous people will be enjoying holiday slots play.

But I always like to keep a few points in mind when hitting the slot machines around Christmas and New Year’s. That said, let’s discuss three important tips.

1. Limit the Alcohol

The holidays are certainly a great time to enjoy some drinks. But you want to keep this within moderation at the casino.

Obviously it’s a bad idea to overdrink and play slots. After all, you could make some poor bankroll decisions and end up losing lots of money.

If you’re going to drink during your holiday slots play, I suggest keeping it to one beer per hour.

2. Look for Special Promotions

Many casinos like to spice up the holidays with a few special promotions. And you should definitely be looking out for these opportunities.

The best place to look is at a casino’s Facebook or Twitter account. You can also check their website and look in the promotions section.

Some casinos may even mail you offers, such as free play or cashback. If you’re going to engage in holiday slots play, make sure to look for promos.

3. Try Cool Christmas-Themed Games

The holidays are the best time to play Christmas-themed slots. And you can find plenty of these games available in both online and land-based casinos.

A couple of good land-based machines include A Christmas Story and Ellen: 12 Days of Giveaways. Good online Christmas slots include A Christmas Carol, Misfit Toyland, and Rudolph’s Revenge.

Please note that all three of these online slots are available at Bovada Casino.

In any case, remember the three tips that I’ve covered here for your next holiday slots session. You’ll not only have a better time when using these tips but also improve your chances of winning money!