3 Things Some Beginners don’t realize about Slots

happy-slots-playerMany people who are new to casino gaming immediately gravitate towards slots, and for good reason…these games are very easy to play. But the problem is that there are certain things many beginners don’t stop to consider before they start spinning the reels. That said, let’s take a look at three factors newbies should definitely think about before playing.

1. Your Slots Bankroll can disappear Pretty Fast

One thing that beginners aren’t aware of when they start playing slots is the volatility. More specifically, given the wide range of payout sizes, you could win 50 coins on one spin, then go 30-40 spins without earning a single coin. This dynamic even leads some players to believe that slots games are rigged. We can assure you that this isn’t the case, however, you definitely need to prepare for variance because there’s a lot of it when you play slots.

online-slots-bonus2. Bonus Rounds are not really Bonuses

Think that all you need to do to be a winning slots player is hit the bonus round and get ‘free’ money? Well the unfortunate fact is that this isn’t free at all and game makers/casinos already factor bonuses into the equation. Going further, you should never extend your play more than you’re comfortable with just to unlock a bonus game. These rounds are sure fun to play, but they’re not going to take you over the top from a winnings standpoint.

3. Slots Payback is not all you should consider

The most-basic tip that you’ll hear regarding slots is to look for games with high payback. The reason why is simple: you have a better chance to win profits when payback is high. But you also need to realize that different games have different levels of volatility. One game might see you win around 15% of the time while another only sees you win about 10% of your spins. The latter is definitely not anything to look forward to when you’ve got a small bankroll – even if there is a big progressive jackpot at stake.