Here are 3 Slots Strategies that Just Don’t Work

slots-strategy-funThere is some slots strategy that works, such as finding the best payback for your coin denomination and taking advantage of skill-based bonus rounds. However, other slots strategy is completely devoid of any benefit to you. So in the spirit of helping you avoid wasting time with the latter, let’s cover three slots strategies that are essentially worthless.

1. Finding the Hot Machine

This is one of the biggest myths in all of gaming. The idea here is that you should play a number of different slot machines in land-based casinos until you find the “hot” one. Likewise, you want to avoid the cold slot machines that aren’t paying any money. But the problem here is that results are totally determined by random number generators (RNGs), meaning there’s no way to tell what game will be hot. After all, the RNG determines spins within fractions of a second and it has no past recollection of previous results.

2. Playing the Same Game until the Jackpot hits

There’s another notion in the slots world that you should stay on the same game, especially if the jackpot hasn’t been won in a while. The logic is that, because the jackpot hasn’t been hit, it’s due to be claimed in the near future. Again, the RNG has no memory and doesn’t factor in how long ago the top prize was hit.

3. Timing Your Spins up

Here’s yet one more slots strategy that will lead you nowhere. Some players think that slots payouts are made on some sort of timing schedule, where if they hit the button at the exact moment, they’ll win more money. But the RNG cycles through combinations so quickly that it’s utterly impossible to time up a jackpot spin or any other win for that matter.