3 Slots Myths with Absolutely no Truth to them

slots-myths-no-truthThere are dozens of slots myths that exist today. And some of these myths actually have a little truth to them. For instance, the idea that you should always bet the max coin size to win the jackpot does reign true for some games. However, there are other slots myths that contain absolutely no truth, which we’ll discuss below.

1. Slots pay Better at Certain Times of the Day

Some players believe that slots payback is changed at certain times of the day to capitalize on peak hours. For example, casinos may keep slots payback higher during the daytime, when not so many people are playing. However, during peak evening hours, casinos will lower payback to make more money. First off, casinos don’t change payback at will because they have laws/jurisdictions to answer to. Secondly, there’s no truth to any casino ever changing payback just to cash in on peak hours.

2. You shouldn’t play a Game after the Jackpot has been won

slots-how-long-1In theory, it makes sense that if a jackpot has just been hit, it won’t pay out for quite some time. But some players take this to mean that slots pay out in a scheduled fashion, meaning it will be thousands or millions of spins before the jackpot comes around again. In reality, you have just as good a chance of winning the top prize on the immediate spin after a jackpot as you do 1 million spins later. The only thing that matters is the random number generator, so don’t avoid a slots game just because the jackpot has hit.

3. Slots Payback decreases if You use a Rewards Card

One more slots myth with no basis is the idea that payback is lower when you use a rewards card. The reason players think this is because they believe casinos must gouge players to make up for the rewards. However, even when loyalty rewards are included, the casino still makes a profit off the average slots player. So there’s no need to lower payback on top of it.