3 Reasons why 3 Reel Slots are Still Around

3-reel-slot-machinesToday, you’ll find fewer 3-reel slot machines in land-based and online casinos than ever before. The big reason why is because 3-reel slots don’t have the capacity for special features and betting options that 5-reelers do.

With this being the case, why are 3-reel slots still around? Below you can read a few reasons why this is the case.

1. Older Players have Nostalgia

The biggest reason why 3-reelers are still found in casinos is because they still have a customer base. Many players in their 60s and beyond could only play 3-reel slot machines decades ago. That said, they still get a lot of entertainment and nostalgia from playing these older games.

2. Some 3-Reel Slots have Cool Features

ghouls-gold-slotsAs mentioned in the introduction, most 3-reel slots aren’t robust with features. Nevertheless, there are still some games that offer different formats than the normal bar-and-cherry slots that you think of with regard to 3-reelers. One example is Ghouls Gold at Drake Casino, which features a 3×3 grid that sees you advance up the levels when getting wins on the bottom level. You can also hold a column to fill it up with a particular symbol.

3. Most Casino Games don’t just Disappear

One more reason why 3-reel slots remain is because casino games don’t just vanish when they become less popular. For example, video poker experienced a boom in the 1980s and 90s, then dramatically tailed off in terms of popularity in the 2000s and beyond. Nevertheless, it still maintains a niche customer base and has a prominent spot on casino floors today. The same is true of 3-reel slots, which aren’t as popular as 5-reel games, but still have a group of loyal fans.