3 Reasons why Video Slots are Great

3d-slotsThe days of boring, unimaginative slots games are long gone. This is all thanks to the advent of video slots, which are more prevalent than ever before. They’ve largely replaced the classic, 3-reel machines where you need to pull a lever. Assuming you’re relatively new to slots, here’s what you can expect from the video-based games.

1. You can enjoy Animations, Bonus Rounds and Storylines

Many slots players these days crave a different experience than simply pushing a button and hoping to win. They want an interactive experience that delivers lots of frills and fun aspects. This is why video slots are excellent because they contain character animations, second-screen bonus rounds and (sometimes) storylines. Slots aren’t quite console video games, but they are venturing towards this realm with the storylines and animations when you win prizes.

2. Some Video Slots feature Skill-based Play

great-jackpot-strategyAs just mentioned, we can’t quite compare video slots to console-based gaming yet; however, one more exciting aspect about video slots is that some of them have skill-based bonus rounds. This is especially the case with the newer online slots that are coming about, where you might do everything from shoot zombies in a first-person mode to control Godzilla on a rampage.

3. Slow Play makes your Bankroll last Longer

Here’s an understated reason why you should love video slots – they play slow, thus preserving your bankroll longer! Because video slots have animations, bonus screens and more betting options, the average person is going to play them much slower. And given that you’re exposing less of your money to the house edge this way, your bankroll will stretch a little further.