3 Loose Slots Myths

loose-slots-mythsOne of the biggest pieces of slots advice over the years has been to find the loose slots, or games that give you a better chance to win money. One way to do this of course is to look for slots with high payout percentages. And it’s certainly a bonus if you find games with good payout frequency too! But when you’re searching for loose slots, make sure that you don’t fall for the following 3 myths.

1. Loose Slots pay out more at certain Times of the Day

Some people believe that their chances of winning are affected by the time of day. Whether it be land-based or online slots, these same players think that casinos increase payback during busier periods (i.e. the evening) and lower payback during non-peak hours (morning, late at night). There is absolutely no truth to this, and few casinos would risk violating gaming laws to change payback whenever they feel like it.

2. Slots are Looser at the End of the Month

loose-slots-myths-2Another idea regarding this subject is that slots games are less tight at the end of the month. The reason being is that casinos have already made a bunch of money off players throughout the month, so they want to report higher player winnings to encourage more customers. Here’s another case where casinos would not only be violating gaming laws, but also wasting lots of time when their monthly winnings are usually going to be about the same each month.

3. Loose Slots are in the Back of Casinos

This myth strictly relates to land-based casinos and machine placement, or the idea that casinos strategically place slot machines in certain spots. A commonly held idea is that looser slots are towards the less-crowded, back areas since they’re less likely to be played. This outdated theory might have been true for a few casinos at one time, however, casinos are mainly worried about getting players on the machines above all.